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Florida Fish Species Breakdown | Catching Snook in Florida

The How-To and Lures for Catching Snook in Florida Snook is considered one of Florida’s most exciting game fish to target. Their cunning ability to elude coastal anglers while also being excellent table fare puts catching snook in Florida a top fishing choice for anyone that fishes in the sunshine state. Perhaps one of the […]

Florida Fish Species Breakdown | Fishing for Tarpon in Florida

Guide to Fishing for Tarpon in Florida Tarpon is one of the most exciting game species you can fish for along the Florida coast. Remarkably powerful and massive in size are only a few ways to characterize these incredible fish. Many anglers may think only an exotic destination can produce fish of this caliber; however, […]

SeaHunter Boats | Center Console Fishing Machines

The Center Console Advantage SeaHunter center console boats are an adaptable type of vessel that can be used for a variety of activities. These boats are typically single-decked with an open hull and a center oriented console. Some models have cabins located in the bow of the boat but the main feature of center consoles […]

Florida Saltwater Fishing Species | Redfish

Fishing for Redfish in Florida Few species have grown in sportfishing as massively as redfish. An aggressive, tough fight paired with size and numbers have made redfish one of the most sought after fish in the backcountry waters of the Florida Everglades. Understanding Redfish Biology In order to successfully target redfish as an angler, it […]

Finding & Fishing Structure in Saltwater

Offshore Fishing Techniques Few things are more import to an angler than structure. When an inshore fisherman thinks of what structure means to their fishing, they gravitate towards rock piles, sunken trees, and contour break lines. However, finding and fishing offshore saltwater structure is entirely different but every bit as vital to having a successful […]

How to Catch Yellowfin Tuna—Light Gear & Big Fish

Increase Your Chances of Catching Tuna An exceptionally powerful, fast, and unreal fighting fish for an angler to catch is the yellowfin tuna. These fish not only put up a fight that rivals any fish in the ocean but they are also easily one of the best table fares to bring home. Fishing for these incredible […]

Catching Tarpon, Snook, and Redfish in the Florida Keys

The Ultimate Guide to Catch Them All Florida is known for world class fishing. From huge silver tarpon to aggressive and sometimes tricky snook, to big bull redfish, Florida knows how to produce monsters. Where to Catch Tarpon, Snook, and Redfish Found in various waters across the state, some of the best fishing for any Florida species, including […]

How to Complete the Florida Backcountry Slam

Florida Backcountry Slam | Tarpon, Redfish, and Snook Fishing As an angler, nothing is better than pushing your angling abilities and knowledge to the test. In the backcountry of Florida, anglers are doing so with fishing slams. A slam when it comes to fishing is when you catch a certain number of species in an […]

Sailfishing the Florida Keys

How and When to Catch Sailfish in the Florida Keys Few types of fishing have more allure than sailfishing in the Florida Keys. Sailfish are the fastest fish in the ocean with the ability to scream drag and get any angler’s adrenaline pumping. Although sailfish are found across the world, one of the best places to target them […]

The Perfect Fishing Rod Arsenal

Saltwater Fishing Gear Setup and Fishing Rod Arsenal Putting together an arsenal of fishing gear is about being ready for any situation that arises on the water. Any style of fishing from muddy bass ponds, to high mountain lakes, to salt flats each, have their own unique tools to catch fish. Particularly, for backcountry salt-water […]