Matching Your Fishing Rod, Line, & Lure

Selecting a Fishing Rod, Fishing Line, and Fishing Lure

Do you ever pick up that fishing rod combo that just feels perfect? Everything is in balance—it just matches. The rod feels right in your hand, the cast feels like a dream and the rod and line screams your bait out to the fish. This is because time was taken to understand how to match the right rod, to the right line, to the right lure. 

As discussed in another video on fishing rod power, it is important that you understand a rod’s power to get the most out of the combo you create. After you pick the right fishing rod for the job, whether it be a light rod for bonefish, or a heavier medium heavy rod for snook or redfish, you need to pair it with the correct line. By figuring out what line you need know, it could save you the frustration on the water later.

If you are searching for what line to use with a particular rod, especially if you are new to the sport, check the blank or the manufacturer’s website for suggested line weight. Most suggested line ratings will say if they are for monofilament line or braided line. If you are only given one, it is important to note the diameter difference in types of line. Braided line will be the thinnest diameter, giving more strength, but you sacrifice the clear nature of monofilament or fluorocarbon. If you wish to go the braided line route but don’t want to scare off spooky fish, tying a fishing leader may be your best option.  

To simplify choosing the right line, there are many charts out there for each brand of line showing the equivalent diameters of each. So if a rod blank only gives the suggested monofilament line, do not hesitate to find the corresponding braided line weight. Finding the right line for a rod combination is more than worth it. 

For example, the TFO Inshore Series rod in a 2 power, also called light, casts bonefish jigs like a dream. Paired with a 6-8lb braid or monofilament equivalent it casts not only distance but accuracy.   

Likewise, if you have a heavier, TFO Inshore Series 5 power medium-heavy rod, a 12-15lb braid best utilizes the rod. Keep in mind the heavier bait you find yourself using with a rod of this power. The last thing you would want is to snap off a heavy bait with a light line or not have the loading power with a light lure and not even be able to cast more than 10 feet.

Also, think of the consequences of putting a big plug onto the light rod. While it may cast, the rod will feel overpowered by the lure and quite possibly put enough stress on the blank to snap it—which is the last thing any angler would want. This is why it is so important to match the line size and the lure to the power of your rod. 

By ensuring you have everything matched up, when you make that cast, it won’t just launch like a dream, you also won’t miss an opportunity to catch a fish of a lifetime.