SeaHunter Boats | Center Console Fishing Machines

The Center Console Advantage

SeaHunter center console boats are an adaptable type of vessel that can be used for a variety of activities. These boats are typically single-decked with an open hull and a center oriented console. Some models have cabins located in the bow of the boat but the main feature of center consoles is the boat deck. The open concept allows for easy maneuverability and ensures that nearly every feature of the vessel is within reach.

Fishing with Center Console Boats

Once upon a time, a 25ft boat with twin motors was an exceptionally sized vessel. Now, we have center console boats equipped with quad motors that can hold 700 gallons of fuel. These boats, like the ones manufactured by SeaHunter Boats, have completely changed the game. Not only are center console boats absolutely perfect for fishing, but they allow anglers to fish for a variety of species and explore different ecosystems like never before.

In addition to superior versatility and range, center console boats possess unmatched fishability. For example, if you hook a fish at the transom, you can easily move around the boat to the bow if the fish makes a run. You can cast from virtually anywhere on the boat, utilize an outrigger setup for trolling, and run kites off of any end of the boat.

SeaHunter Boats

SeaHunter Boats was formed in 2002 with performance, control, and comfort as its driving foundational elements. Prior to founding SeaHunter, Ralph Montalvo owned and operated the largest FAA repair company in the United States. As a result, SeaHunter was established on the basis of a strong aerospace heritage. By using the most innovative technology and advanced materials, SeaHunter exceeds NMMA (National Marine Manufacturer Association) standards.

These boats are designed for professionals and weekend warriors alike. From the bow to the stern of each and every SeaHunter, every detail has been perfectly engineered for both functionality and safety.

Which Model is Right for Me?

SeaHunter offers an array of center console boats that are perfect for a multitude of conditions.


The SeaHunter 45 is a quad powered behemoth equipped with three large live wells. Complete with 2800 maximum horsepower, the SeaHunter Tournament 45 is capable of reaching 60 mph speeds. If you’re looking for a boat to take you 600 miles on a single tank in any condition, the Tournament 45 is your vessel.


The hull of the Tournament 39 is a true deep-V design which ensures an unbelievably smooth ride. With several power options and outboard configurations, it’s easy to see why the Tournament 39 has been SeaHunter’s most popular center console boat for years.


The Tournament 35 is an excellent mid-30 foot center console boat that does not sacrifice comfort or storage. With more than 400 gallons of total fuel capacity this vessel is ideal for your next offshore adventure.


If you are looking for the features of a larger center console packed in a smaller size, then you need to check out the Tournament 33. Despite its compact design, the Tournament 33 boasts fully insulated fish boxes and three standard live wells. For a smaller center console boat loaded with features, the Tournament 33 finds a sweet spot.


Versatile, speedy, and comfortable, the Tournament 31 by SeaHunter is one of the best 31-foot center console boats on the market. Anglers wanting a vessel for drift, kite, and bottom fishing, look no further than the Tournament 31.


Perfect for wherever your fishing takes you, the Floridian 28 was designed for anglers that want it all. Its deck layout is modeled after SeaHunter’s larger models meaning lots of storage for bait and gear.

Center console boats can be used for lots of different activities due to their versatility. However, make no mistake, these modern-day center console boats are fishing machines. Boats from companies like SeaHunter have changed the game while providing anglers with everything they need to go farther and fish longer.